How to check audit logs for changes in the Antivirus interface

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The new feature in ITSM now enables users to view logs that are created due to changes in "Antivirus" settings under "Profiles".

Logs are created along with event name, the affected object, and the old and new values. Logs are created under "Dashboard" --> "Audit Logs".

(i) Audit log for initial antivirus configuration.

Step [1]: Goto "ITSM" --> "Configuration Templates" --> "Profiles".

i) Select a "profile" and add section "Antivirus" to the profile.

For Example:

"ITSM Profile with AV Section"

ii)Apply settings of your choice from the available options in "Antivirus" and click "Save".

Step [2]: Goto "ITSM" --> "Dashboard" --> "Audit Logs"

i) A new log will be created with the event name "Profile Update" and affected object being the profile name.

Step[3]: Under section "New Value" click "View Logs" to get the detailed view of antivirus settings.

(ii) Audit log for changes in the antivirus settings

Step [1]: In order to make changes to antivirus settings

Goto "ITSM" --> "Configuration Templates" --> "Profiles"

1) Select the profile where antivirus section is added

For example

"antivirus log" and select "Antivirus".

2) Change "Antivirus" settings of your choice

For example: Disabling the Option "Scan computer memory after the computer starts".

3)Uncheck the checkbox in order to disable the option "Scan computer memory after the computer starts".

Step [2]: Go to "ITSM" --> "Dashboard" --> "Audit Logs" new log will be created reflecting the changes made in antivirus settings of the profile.

Click "View Logs" under "New Value" it will now display the detailed information about the new changes in "Antivirus" settings.

Now click "View Logs" under "Old Value" which display the previous respective settings state of the new antivirus settings before a change.