How to classify internal notes on ticket details page in threads section

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Service Desk

Technician can easily understand the threads between reply and internal notes of Service Desk tickets. The threads of internal notes are classified from reply threads.

  • Go to Service desk--->Tickets menu, select the specific ticket for which you want to check classified internal notes and reply.

I) Customer posted reply

The Technician can see the "blue colour"  thread for the reply or comment posted by the customer.


II) Technician reply to the customer:

1)Go to Post reply --->Type the reply you want in the response field.
2)click "Post Reply" button.

Now  the ticket shows the "Orange colour" for the replies  sent to clients.

III) Internal Note posted by Technician

1)In Post internal note option--->Type the reply you want in the internal note tab.
2)click "Post note" button.

The posted Internal note shown as the "yellow colour" in the internal thread.