How to control remote device in session

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  • Once you have taken control of a device, you can use the remote access toolbar to effectively manage your connection


The remote manager toolbar

  • After establishing a connection, you will see the desktop of the remote machine in the ITarian window.
  • The Remote Access toolbar is located at the top-center of this window. You can re-position the toolbar as required.
  • The following table lists the features you can use on the toolbar.


Position - Click and drag the tool bar to your preferred location.


Full Screen - The remote desktop will cover your entire display, without the operating system's window-framing interface.

  • Click the same icon to exit full screen mode    


Pin - Pin or unpin the tool bar to the title bar in full screen view.


Minimize/Maximize - Show/hide tool bar options.


Actions - Send control commands to the endpoint.

  • Send Ctrl + Alt + Del - (Windows only). Opens the Windows security screen, which allows you to:
    • Lock the remote computer
    • Log the current user out of the remote machine
    • Change the password of the remote machine
    • View task manager on the remote machine
    • Shut down/restart/hibernate the remote machine.
  • Lock Session - Locks the remote endpoint. Provide a password to unlock the endpoint.
  • Send Special Keys - If enabled, send key combination commands such as Ctrl+C, Windows + R and so on.
  • Special key combinations depend on the operating systems of the local (admin) device and the remote device.


View - Change the display size of the remote desktop. The available options are:

  • Best Fit - Automatically adjusts the screen resolution for the best visual experience.
  • Scaled - Displays the target desktop with the resolution of the admin computer
  • Original - Displays the target desktop at its own resolution
  • Full screen - Displays the remote desktop in full screen view


Multi-Screen - The multi-screen icon only appears if the target point endpoint has a multi-monitor setup. The drop-down shows all monitors connected to the endpoint and allows you to choose which to view.\

Select 'Switch Screen' to move to the next screen on the list