How to process Tickets in the Service desk

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The newly added feature in the Service Desk helps us to manage a ticket without losing time and also we can have the power on tickets by taking several actions like assigning the ticket, adding a collaborator to that ticket, changing the summary of the issue etc. In addition to that, these changes will be stored as threads and you will be able to track them as well.

Step[1]: Go to Application --->Service desk---> Tickets, under the ticket option you can see multiple the desired category, it will lists all tickets related to that category.

Step[2]: Select any ticket -> Click 'Process'

Selection of process option button, directs to the "process ticket page",that page helps the user to make quick changes in the ticket on all aspects.

Here admin would be able to change User information,change Ticket information,Assign the ticket,Add new collaborator.

Note: You can also find 'process' button in the ticket view if you open any of a ticket.

Step[3]: Update  Ticket

For Example:The user can also add a new collaborator by clicking the "Add new collaborator" option button.It directs to "Add a collaborator page".

Step[4]: After filling all the mandatory and other details in the field,that you wish to change in the ticket. click "Process" button.

The saved changes will appear on ticket thread by displaying "Ticket processed successfully" and  the saved details will get reflected as threads so that we can easily track them.