How to sent announcements to service desk staff

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Service Desk

Service desk provides the feature to convey the message to all staff as an announcement. Admin can sent the email indication to all staff members such as changes in workflow, maintenance, reminders etc.

Step [1]: Go to Service Desk → Admin Panel → Announcements

  • It will list all the existing announcement with the details of title, status, Date Added, Last update in a corresponding column.

Step [2]: To add New Announcements

  • Click "Add New Announcements"

  • Fill the following details in the existing tab

Title: Enter the name of the announcement.
Status: Choose the status from the drop-down

  • Draft - The announcement is saved as a draft, It cannot sent to staff members.
  • Ready to send- The announcement has been ready for sending to staff.

Content: Enter the message to sent to staff members.

  • After click "Add Announcement"

Step [3]: To Sent the announcement

  • Select the specific announcement with the status of "Ready to sent"
  • Click "Deliver<<Ready for sent>>" option to sent the announcement
  • After click "yes. Do it!"

For Example- Service Desk announcement for staff will be

Step [4]: Resend the Announcement from existing announcement

  • Select the specific announcement title.
  • Change the status to "Ready to sent" and then enter the new message in the content field.
  • Click "Update Announcement".
  • To send the updated announcement please repeat step [3].

Step [5]: Delete the Announcement

  • Select the specific announcement then click "Delete"
  • After click "yes. Do it!".