How to use Service Desk variables in Email Templates and Canned Response

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Service Desk

Service desk has a feature to add Variables to Email Templates and canned responses to replace values in the body of the message.

Admin would be able to use 'Email Templates' and 'Canned Response' in the service desk to customize their default email communication format with staff and user to alert upon various ticket events.

Custom variables will replace values in the message body when the email is sent. In this guide, we are explaining how to use variables within such template options for customization of message body according to your needs.

(I) Using Service Desk variables in 'Email Template'

STEP [1] :

Go to -→ Service desk  -→   Admin panel.

STEP [2] :

In Admin Panel Select Emails -→ Templates, Click on Add new Template Set or Existing Template Set

STEP [3] :

Choose any of Templates to add your variable.


STEP [4] :

Click on the Button "Supported Variables" and now you can see all Variables listed. You can define your  Variables which are supported and Customize the  Email Template with your own Message for better Communication. click on "Save changes" .

Now admin will be notified by the email upon new ticket as mentioned in the below screenshot. You can see in email that , Variable Values will be replacing in the Message body.


(II) Using Service Desk variables in 'Canned Response'

STEP [1] :

Go to -→ Service desk  -→   Admin panel .


STEP [2] :

In Admin Panel go to Settings  → Knowledge Base →  Canned Responses. Please ensure 'Canned Response' is enabled.

Finally, Click on "QUESTION MARK" Button Beside of 'Enable Canned Responses' to manage Canned Responses.


After clicking, the Pop- Up is displayed with Canned Responses Click on "Manage Canned Responses"


STEP [3] :

In Canned Responses, Click on Add new  Response or Existing Response

STEP [4] :

Give all the information according to your Requirements click on "Save Changes"


STEP [5] :

When staff wants responses to the ticket, In Canned response  Drag the the Title bar toselect already  defined Cannedresponses .

After selecting,  the Message is automatically Copied withAttachementsand then  clickon "Post Reply" to send the Email.


STEP [6] :

Here, In the below Email you can see the Canned Response which is receivedto the user or staff member.