How to download and install ITarian Remote Access

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  • ITarian Remote Access is a peer-to-peer communication tool that uses the secure RTP protocol to remotely connect to managed endpoints. The tool uses standard technologies and protocols so no additional software or hardware is necessary. 
  • ITarian is ideal for anybody that needs to regularly take control of remote endpoints to run maintenance or troubleshoot issues. Typical users include managed service providers, IT admins, customer support teams and even home users.
  • This short tutorial explains how to download and install the ITarian Remote Access tool.

In brief:

  • Visit 
  • Click the 'Get Now for Free' button
  • Enter your email ID > click 'Get Free Now'
  • Run the setup file on your local machine
  • Click 'Launch' after installation

Add the remote endpoints that you want to connect to

Process in detail:

  • Enter your email ID > click 'Get Free Now'

  • Save the setup file in your local machine
  • Launch the tool by accepting and clicking 'Install' in the EULA  dialog.

  • Click 'Launch' when installation is complete


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